Monday, 31 January 2011

Level Building

My next task was to greybox some levels which can serve as a placeholder for while my game is in development. To do this I created my level and exported it as an FBX file using Maya. Then, I simply put this file into my Unity project folders.

However, exporting them as a singular files was a bad idea, as it messed up the box colliders in the level, which means that my character would simply just fall through the level.
Therefore, I went back into Maya and exported the level piece-by-piece. This solved my problem and my character sat on the platforms. I then found another problem with my platforms:

The collider I was using only formed a box around the object, so when my character walked over the platform, it did not fall into the small pit as I intended. This was fixed by deleting the “box collider” and replacing it with a “Mesh Collider.”

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