Friday, 28 January 2011

Time Management

After my tutorial, it became apparent that I need to carefully schedule how I spend my time. Although I made a work timetable as part of my learning agreement, I want to make a new one, which is a little more specific now I know what is required for my game.

Here is a list of things I need to do by 23rd May 2011: (so far)

-Rig protagonist
-Texture protagonist
-Animate protagonist (Walking, Running, Idle, throwing, dying, jumping, falling, landing etc)
-Prototype level (with Javascript)
-Model enemies
-Rig enemies
-Texture enemies
-Animate enemies
-Program enemies
-Model extra assets
-Texture extra assets
-Model environment
-Texture environment
-Program Projectiles
-Put assets into game
-Play testing stage
-Develop, improve and polish game

To manage these tasks, I was advised to make and use a “Gantt” chart. They can be saved as images, PDFs or as a html file.

My schedule starts from today and ends on the hand-in date: 23/05/2011. I feel very confident that I can complete my game in this timeframe. I given myself the most time to do animating, as it is an area I may struggle with.

My next task is to greybox my level, ready for prototyping.

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