Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Game Research: Limbo

Now I will move on from looking at Alice in Wonderland media and look at games. I will first look at the varying art styles of different games, in order to inspire some ideas for my own game. As I am hoping to make a platform game in this academic year, I will try to look only at platform games. However, I may look at other genres if they have art styles and mechanics that could be relevant to my project.

Firstly, I looked at a recent game “Limbo,” for the XBOX 360. The game’s art style is in black and white, using silhouettes to express the characters and environments. Limbo’s gameplay seems to be more about puzzle solving than platforming.

What I have learned from looking at Limbo is the importance of building an atmosphere. Limbo has very morbid themes, and this is certainly expressed through its graphical style and pacing of its levels.

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