Friday, 22 October 2010

My Project

This year, I want to make a fully functioning game for my final submission. I want to do this because I enjoy being challenged and I think a fully finished game, where I design and create each asset may look impressive in a portfolio. Also, next year, I want to attend Abertay University in Dundee and study for the Games development Masters Degree. In this course, teams of students create small games that fit to a brief. I think that making my own game in my last year of this course may benefit me for the future, as I will understand what goes into making a game.

My game idea is to develop a simplistic side-scrolling platform game with 3D assets. The game mechanics will be simple, because I am new to programming, therefore I will start with the basics. However, the visuals I have in mind for my game will be anything but simple, as I want to have florid and ornate environments and characters.

As for the concept of the game, I would it to be inspired by Alice by Wonderland, where an ordinary person explores a strange world. I will now look into Alice in Wonderland as well as the many other books/games/films that were inspired by it.

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