Saturday, 30 October 2010

Research Report

I will now briefly talk about my draft research report progress. I have the working title “Should the games industry embrace gender equality?” but hopefully this will change into a better hypothesis.

In my first year for critical studies, I explored gender in games in a general manner, talking mostly about gender representation and games for girls. In my second year of study, I looked at female characters in games, particularly focusing on hypersexualized characters. Looking at women in the games industry seemed like the next logical progression. This topic may not directly link with my studio practise, but I am hoping my findings will be beneficial to my future.

My research report will be crafted in the “Industry Report” style, where I can reference trade journals, interviews, financial reports, marketing data, books and websites.

As well as various websites such as, I have also read/am currently reading the following books:

-Gender-Inclusive Games Design by Sheri Graner Ray

-Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling

-Chris Crawford on Games Design

-From Barbie to Mortal Kombat: Gender and Computer Games by Henry Jenkins, Justine Cassel

-Nintendo Magic by Osamu Inoue

-A Casual Revolution by Jesper Juul

I would also like to read Sex in Video games by Brenda Brathwaite if I can find a copy, as well as “Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat”.

So far, I have written just under 2000 words, using this rough plan that I made beforehand. I have divided my report into 3 chapters:

-Introduction (300 words)

-Why women may avoid games industry (1,100 words)

-Why women would benefit the games industry (1,100 words)

-What women want from digital games (2,000 words)

-Conclusion (500 words)

My three main topics often cross-over, so I have to be careful not to keep repeating myself!

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