Monday, 1 November 2010

Miracle Girls

I will now look at a few platform games that exclusively target a female audience, in order to inspire more themes and gameplay ideas.

Firstly, I looked at Miracle Girls a Japanese game for Super Famicom, developed by Takara, 1993. While researching for my dissertation, studies have shown that girls typically do not like violent games; therefore, I am looking out for platform games that aren’t violent. In Miracle Girls, which was aimed at a female audience, the two protagonists don’t hurt their enemies. Instead, they throw sweets at them, which make them friendly for a few moments before going back to normal. Also, if the main character loses all her health, she doesn’t die, she just cries instead. Finally, unlike most platform games of this time, which had a boss fight at the end of every level, the bosses of Miracle Girls are simple mini-games.

Although Miracle Girls isn’t an excellent game, it was interesting to look at how it goes around using violence for the sake of its target audience. I especially like how the character throws sweets at enemies, rather than killing them.

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