Sunday, 28 November 2010

Project Summary

I now think it’s necessary to briefly evaluate my work for this term, in order to ensure that I have done the work that was outlined in the learning agreement.

I started the project my creating an extensive research document, containing all kinds of necessary information that I needed to look at for my game idea and design document. I feel that the research that I have done was well thought out and relevant to my project. I made sure that I looked at current and emerging areas relating to my project, such as the current trends in game engines, art, fashion and new games. (LO1)

I also researched areas that will help me understand contextual, historical and ethical theories about my subject area. For example, I researched the common mechanics of platform games by looking at games designer Scott Rogers and also by looking at the levels of early Mario games from the 80s. I also look at various art and games. Furthermore, in my design document, I was conscious on how to portray female characters. This is due to the work on gender I done for my research report, where I thoroughly looked at the topic. I feel very conscious that I may have created too much research, yet I couldn’t cut any of my work out, as it was all vital to my project. (LO2 &LO3)

Using my research, I made many informed decisions and judgements about my project. For example, I research games engines to find out that Unity is the best kind of program for my game. My research overall helped to prepare for next term, such as what to make in 3D for my project. (LO4)(LO5)

Finally, I feel that my design document and research is well presented, with text and images, so that it is clear and easy to read. I tried my best to match the aesthetics of the documents to the theme of my game. (LO6)

Next, my aim is to learn more about Unity over the Christmas Break, and to get started on creating my characters: developing designs and making 3D models. Overall, I am pleased with my work this term and I feel that I have set myself up for some challenging and interesting work to develop.

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