Sunday, 7 November 2010


In my game, I want my environments to be inspired by Rococo architecture and art, in order to expand on the feminine themes in the game. During the late 1600/1700s, a lavish, decorative and ornamental style of art, furniture, textiles and interior design became popular in Europe, originating in France. It did not last long and eventually lost its popularity because most people associated the style with aristocrats. I want to take common elements of this art style and apply it to my environments, platforms, items etc.

Here are some common characteristics of the style that I can use in my work:

  • Pastel colours, gold
  • Highly decorative, with lots of small details
  • Ornaments/patterns shaped as shells, flowers, plants, clouds, and coral (inspired by nature)
  • Light, elegant, graceful and feminine
  • Asymmetrical Shapes

Notable artists: Robert de Cotte, Jacques Ange Gabriel, Francois Boucher

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